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Villa Maria College of Buffalo

Diocese: Buffalo

Web Address
240 Pine Ridge Rd.
Buffalo NY, 14225
Mailing Address:
Phone:  (716)896-0700
Fax:  (716)896-0705

Description: A private, two-year, coeducational institution, accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, located in the eastern suburb of Buffalo, NY. The college confers AAS, AS, and AA degrees and certificates, preparing students for the workforce or transfer to baccalaureate programs.

Calendar System:
Student Makeup:
Undergrad Students:
Faculty Information:
Total Faculty: 82
Sisters: 2
Lay: 80

Sr. Marcella Marie Garus C.S.S.F.
Phone: (716)896-0700 x1868
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (716)896-0705

Director of Financial Aid:
Diane Kasprzak
Phone: (716)896-0700 x1849
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (716)896-0705

Director of Admissions:
Kevin Donovan
Phone: (716)896-0700 x1802
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (716)896-0705

Alumni Director:
Mrs. Ceceile Pawlowski
Phone: (716)896-0700 x1878
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (716)896-0705

Director of Career Development:
Deborah Handzlik
Phone: (716)896-0700 x1814
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (716)896-0705

HEOP Director:
Ms Vanessa Lillard
Phone: (716)896-0700 x1853
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (716)896-0705

Director of Library Services:
Sr. Anna Falbo CSSF
Phone: (716)896-0700 x1862
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (716)896-0705

Director of Life Long Learning:
Sr. Shawn Czyzycki CSSF
Phone: (716)896-0700 x1866
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (716)896-0705

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