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Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Diocese: Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Web Address
115 Guerin Hall
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods IN, 47876
Mailing Address:
Phone:  (800)926-7692
Fax:  (812)535-5010

Description: Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College,a Catholic college sponsered by the Sisters of Providence,is committed to the higher education of women in the tradition of the liberal arts. With a special emphasis on preparing women for leadership roles in a diverse and global society,the College offers undergraduate degree programs for women and graduate and certificate programs for both women and men. By participation in this community of learners,students develop their abilities to think critically,to communicate responsibly,to engage in lifelong learning,and to effect positive changes in society.

Calendar System:
Student Makeup:
Undergrad Students:
Faculty Information:
Total Faculty: 62
Sisters: 10
Priests: 1
Lay: 51

Dr. Joan Lescinski C.S.J.
Phone: (812) 535-5296
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (812) 535-5224

Financial Aid:
Ruby Robinson
Phone: (800) 926-7692
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (812) 535-5010

Athletic Director & Head Basketball Coach:
Deanna Bradley
Phone: (812) 535-5288
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (812) 535-5004

Director of Campus-based Admission:
James P. Malley Jr.
Phone: (800) 926-7692
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (812) 535-5010

Women's External Degree Program Admissions:
Jill Blunk
Phone: (812) 535-5107
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (812) 535-5010

Pastoral Theology Masters Program Director:
Virginia Unverzagt
Phone: (812)535-5170
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (812)535-4613

Earth Literacy Masters Program Director:
Sr. Mary Lou Dolan C.S.J.
Phone: (812)535-5160
E-Mail: Send Email

Art Therapy Masters Program Director:
Kathy Gotshall
Phone: (812)535-5162
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (812)535-4613

Music Therapy Masters Program Director:
Tracy Richardson
Phone: (812)535-5154
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