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Saint John's University

Diocese: Saint Cloud

Web Address
St. John's University
Collegeville MN, 56321
Mailing Address:
Phone:  (320)363-2011
Fax:  (320)363-2504

Description: SJU,for men,and CSB,for women,are nationally recognized Catholic liberal arts colleges and ranked as two of the top three Catholic colleges in the nation. They share one academic program,and students attend classes together on both campuses. This integrated learning experience combines a challenging academic program with extensive opportunities for international study,leadership,service learning,spiritual growth and cultural and athletic involvement. The combined enrollment of more than 3,800 students makes CSB and SJU the largest of the nation's liberal arts colleges.CSB and SJU are located six miles apart in central Minnesota,surrounded by 3,200 acres of pristine forests,prairies and lakes. The colleges are minutes away from the St. Cloud metropolitan area with a population of more than 100,000,while Minneapolis and St. Paul are 70 miles southeast on Interstate 94.

Calendar System:
Student Makeup:
Undergrad Students:
Faculty Information:
Brothers: 6
Total Faculty: 175
Sisters: 4
Priests: 17
Lay: 148

Dr. Dietrich Reinhart O.S.B.
Phone: (320)363-2247
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (320)363-2984

Director of Financial Aid:
Stuart Perry
Phone: (320)363-2189
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (320)363-3102

Athletic Director:
Timothy Backous OSB
Phone: (320)363-2500
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (320)363-3130

Dean of Admissions:
Mary Milbert
Phone: (320)363-2196
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (320)363-3206

Dean of the College:
Dr. Rita Knuesel
Phone: 320-363-5401
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