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Newman University

Diocese: Wichita

Web Address
3100 McCormick Ave.
Wichita KS, 67213
Mailing Address:
Phone:  (316)942-4291 x2144
Fax:  (316)942-4483

Description: Newman University is a Catholic, co-educational liberal arts institution that empowers students to transform society by permeating it with Christian values. There are over 40 majors from which to choose, as well as athletics and arts opportunities.

Calendar System:
Student Makeup:
Undergrad Students:
Faculty Information:
Brothers: 0
Total Faculty: 70
Sisters: 3
Priests: 1
Lay: 66

Dr. Aidan Dunleavy
Phone: (316)942-4291 x2135
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (316)942-4483

Director of Financial Aid:
Kelli Hartman
Phone: (316)942-4291 x2132
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (316)942-4483

Athletic Director:
Gary Cundiff
Phone: (316)942-4291 x2118
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (316)942-4483

Dean of Admissions:
Marla Sexson
Phone: (316)942-4291 x2133
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (316)942-4483

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs:
Dr. B. Lee Cooper
Phone: (316)942-4291 x2127
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (316)942-4483

Dean of Students:
Michael Osterbuhr
Phone: (316)942-4291 x2233
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (316)942-4483

Director of Student and Residence Life:
Roger Abraham
Phone: (316) 942-4291, x2 2
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (316) 942-4483

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