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Saint Leo University

Diocese: St. Petersburg

Web Address
33701 S.R. 52
Saint Leo FL, 33574
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 6665
Saint Leo FL, 33574-6665
Phone:  (800)334-5532
Fax:  (352)588-8257

Description: Saint Leo University is a private four-year institution located about 30 minutes north of Tampa,Florida. SLU offers 24 majors,13 intercollegiate sports,internships,and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Each resident receives a laptop computer. The campus is a wireless environment so laptops are used in classroom work. Class sizes average fewer than 15. The LEAP program is available for students who need extra academic support. The Honors Program has been recognized as one of the best small college programs in the country. The most popular majors are in Business,Criminal Justice,Education,Sport Management and Biology. There is a new 5 yr BA/MBA and a 4 + 4 program with a pre-med program that provides acceptance at a Florida medical school upon completion of the Saint Leo degree.

Calendar System:
Student Makeup:
Undergrad Students:
Faculty Information:
Total Faculty: 117

Dr. Arthur Kirk Jr.
Phone: (352) 588-8242
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (352) 588-8654

Interim Director of Financial Aid:
Mr. Jon Walsh
Phone: (352) 588-8270
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (352) 588-8403

Director of Athletics:
Mr. Francis Reidy
Phone: (352) 588-8221
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (352) 588-8290

Vice President for Enrollment:
Mr. Gary Bracken
Phone: (352) 588-8283
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (352) 588-8257

Director of Institutional Research:
Dr. Jeanne Roberts
Phone: (352) 588-8263
E-Mail: Send Email

Ms. Karen Hatfield
Phone: (352) 588-8235
E-Mail: Send Email

Vice President for Student Affairs:
Dr. Edward Dadez
Phone: (352) 588-8266
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (352) 588-8329

Vice President for Academic Affairs:
Dr. Douglas Astolfi
Phone: (352) 588-8244
E-Mail: Send Email
Fax: (352) 588-8207

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