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The World & I



2800 New York Ave., NE
Washington DC,  20002

Phone: (202)636-3334
Fax: (202)832-5780

Description: The World & I is the ultimate educational resource that takes learning, and teaching, to a new level. Overflowing with comprehensive and informative articles, each issue delivers a multifaceted view of people, politics, history, culture, arts and much more from every corner of the globe. Keep your students informed and inspired about their own lives and roles in the ever-changing global community. The World & I offers additional FREE resources - including unlimited access to online archives,and Teacher's Guides - to further enhance and challenge the needs of today's students and educators. To order at the special rate of $45 per year, call 1-800-822-2822 or fax 1-202-832-5780.

Special Projects Coordinator
Department: The World & I Business
Laura Watson

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