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Shortland Publications, Inc.


50 South Steele Street, Suite 755
Denver CO,  80209


Phone: (800)775-9995
Fax: (800)775-9597

Description: The Storyteller series from Shortland Publications is a reading, writing, and language resource that enhances literacy learning in any primary classroom. It is available in both English and Spanish. All the modules contain leveled guided reading books. Other Storyteller resources are interactive writing cards, lap books for shared reading, puzzle books, assessment packages with benchmark books, and comprehensive teacher's resource books. Explorers, a new series, written for children in grades 3-6, provides richly illustrated, nonfiction and fiction books that will travel easily into the 21st century. In addition to 10 big books for shared reading, the series has 36 nonfiction titles and 18 fiction chapter books for guided and independent reading, in English and Spanish. Science Alive is a comprehensive program that meets and exceeds National Science Standards. Eighteen science concept packages that range across elementary grades give students lifelong tools to investigate and understand their world and beyond.

Director of Sales and Marketing
Department: Sales and Marketing
Sue Brandon

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