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FACTS Management Company
100 N. 56th Street, Suite 300
Lincoln, NE 68504
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 67037
Lincoln, NE 68506-7037
Web site:
Main Phone:

Description of products:
Tuition Management for Catholic Schools
Grant & Aid Assessment for Catholic Schools and Dioceses

Two of the keys to smooth operations at your Catholic school or college are tuition management and awarding financial aid . . . tuition collection that's reliable and not time consuming, and a simple to administer grant and aid assessment process. On top of that you need information about the entire process that's real-time, accurate, and easily understood. With FACTS Management, tuition is collected electronically at specified times during the month, and then automatically deposited in your school's bank account faster than any other tuition management system. We give your families an easy to complete financial aid application, online or paper. Through our online information management services, you have accurate, real-time information about every account managed by FACTS, and every application processed by FACTS 24 hours a day.

FACTS provides automated, customized tuition payment programs that streamline the financial operations of the schools we serve, and at the same time provide maximum affordability for students and parents. Our fully automated grant & aid assessment service eliminates the waiting period for applications to be processed and reports issued. You can check online at any time and always know what's happening. We serve more than 3,000 schools and colleges across the country. Our automated processes mean that you can depend upon tuition collections as well as financial aid applications to be on a predictable schedule. Our technology and personal service help assure you of 99.5% collection success. No other company can provide and document this level of service. Contact our home office or one of our Regional Vice Presidents today to learn more about how we can work for you.

Home Office:  
David Byrnes
(800) 624-7092
Randall Bretz
Senior Vice President for Customer Development
(800) 624-7092

Tim Tewes
Executive Vice President
(800) 624-7092

Valerie Wegener
Senior Vice President of Operations
(800) 624-7092
  Rick Bohaty
Vice President for Technical Services
(800) 624-7092

FACTS Regional Vice Presidents:
Warren Arleth
Pittsburgh, PA
(800) 293-2287
Jim Owens
Jacksonville, FL.
(800) 332-3190
Roger Clark
Los Angeles, CA
(800) 569-1216
Joe Rogers
Columbus, OH
(877) 728-4603
Mike Cuddy
New York City, NY
(800) 229-1402
Don Ruby
San Diego, CA
(800) 811-1077
Jack Donnelly
New York City, NY
(800) 811-1079
Christopher “Topher” Russo
Baltimore, MD
(800) 569-1209
Jim Gastreich
St. Louis, MO
(877) 728-4606
Peter Sanderson (College)
New York, NY
(888) 867-7018
Bob Gentile (College)
Chicago, IL
(800) 270-2960
Bill Skidmore
South Bend, IN
(800) 468-9650
Dennis Gunnarson
San Francisco, CA
(800) 811-1078
Mike Spanier
Minneapolis, MN
(800) 353-0382
Mike Knapp
Atlanta, GA
(800) 813-8137
Tanya Thorsen-Pena (College)
Dallas, TX
(888) 674-1961
Joe Loglisci
Hartford, CT
(800) 401-9471

Jim Waits
Dallas, TX
(800) 866-9948

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