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National School Boards Association


1680 Duke Street
Alexandria VA,  22314

1680 Duke Street
Alexandria VA,  22314

Phone: (703) 838-6722
Fax: (703) 683-7590

Description: The National School Boards Association's Technology + Learning Conference is recognized as the premier national event for decision makers who choose and use technology in schools. It is hosted by the National School Boards Association's ITTE: Education Technology Programs and co-sponsored by more than 25 leading education organizations. The 2001 Technology + Learning Conference will attract more than 4,000 school leaders from throughout the United States and Canada. It is a Conference designed to highlight the many effective strategies for responding to the challenge for school improvement through the wise use of technology in both instructional and administrative arenas.

Director, Education Technology
Department: Education Technology
Ann Flynn
(703) 838-6764

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