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MiBAC Music Software, Inc.


P.O. Box 468
Northfield MN,  55057

1019 College St.
Northfield MN,  55057

Phone: (507)645-5851
Fax: (507)645-2377

Description: MUSIC LESSONS I will teach you to read and understand music. Its eleven drills cover the fundamentals of music theory: note reading, circle of fifths, key signatures, major and minor scales, etc. Winner of a Technology & Learning Magazine 'Software Award of Excellence.' Macworld magazine said 'Music Lessons gets an A+.' Win/Mac. MIDI Optional MUSIC LESSON II deals with chords and harmony. Its innovative pedagogical approach divides the study of music into four areas of musical perception: visual recognition, notation skills, keyboard skills, and aural recognition (ear training). Each of the hundreds of drills can be done in any of these four areas. With MUSIC LESSONS II you'll learn to SEE, WRITE, PLAY, and HEAR chords. Win/Mac. MIDI Optional. MiBAC JAZZ lets you play with a swingin’ jazz combo—on any tune you’d like, any time you feel like it. Type in the chords. Click the Write button. Click the Play tool. In seconds you'll be playing along with a great sounding rhythm section. Twelve Jazz Styles. Export Standard MIDI Files. Mac only. MIDI Required.

John Ellinger

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