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MidCore Software, Inc.



900 Straits Turnpike
Middlebury CT,  06762

Phone: (800)673-6274
Fax: (203)577-5370

Description: MidPoint, the leading Internet Gateway, enables all computers on your LAN to share a single Internet connection. MidPoint's comprehensive Internet Sharing combines the functions of Proxy, E-mail, Cache, DHCP, SOCKS and DNS Servers into a single, easily installed product. All connection types are supported including analog modems, ISDN, DSL, cable, satellite and routers. MidPoint's unique Connection Teaming feature can harness the bandwidth of multiple connections providing greater speed for faster web page retrievals and file downloads in half the time. MidPoint's E-mail Server & Management provides unlimited local mailboxes so that each user and each department on your LAN can have their own unique e-mail address using your own Internet domanin name. All of these e-mail addresses are serviced through a single e-mail box at your ISP. MidPoint automatically retrieves the e-mail for your users and notifies them of its arrival. Other capabiliteies include E-mail Forwarding so that mobile users can get their e-mail anywhere - even on their cellular telephones. E-mail Archiving for government agencies and lawyers who require a documented audit trail of all inbound and outbound e-mail. And Spam Detection to filter unwanted e-mail away from your users. MidPoint's Firewall, Access Management, Content Control, Site Blocking, Usage Accounting and Scheduled Retrieval features ensure better use and full control over your Internet communications. MidPoint has been voted the best solution for small to mid-sized companies and schools with a 97% customer satisfaction rating and numerous awards including PC Magazine's Editor's Choice.

Educational Representative
Department: Educational Sales
Michelle Jordano

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